Fiesta Mission Geocaching


Part of the campaign for the much anticipated Ford Fiesta is the Fiesta Movement, which involves 100 “agents” performing special missions and then posting content about them online. Miami has its very own Fiesta agent in popular local blogger Maria from Sex and the Beach.  She recently completed her second Fiesta mission; a geocaching adventure that took her through some of South Florida’s most scenic yet relatively undiscovered locales. Hit the jump for the video.

Is it pronounced geo-cash? Geo-chachè? As in “Ñoooo Que Cachè!” the sister store of “Ñoooo Que Barato!” over in Hialeah. For the gringos, that translates to “daaamn that’s snazzy” and “daaamn that’s cheap.” The agents can’t seem to agree, but nonetheless the mission looked pretty fun. Geocacahing seemes like an emotional roller-coaster. “Yes, we found the treasure! It’s a Tigger doll and a note scribbled on a cocktail napkin. Sonofacrap.” However, it’s a neat activity that companies can really build fun ideas around, especially with GPS-enabled phones so common nowadays.

For the past couple of year’s I’ve wanted to visit all the hidden gems South Florida has to offer that locals rarely visit. For exaple, the Coral Castle, Fairchild Tropical Gardens and countless free parks like Matheson Hammocks and Pinecrest Gardens as seen in the video. Pinecrest Gardens used to be Parrot Jungle. The real parrot jungle that actually looked like a jungle. Not this Parrot Jungle Island crap on Watson that’s all concrete and charges $40 at the door. The good news is it looks like the jungle is still there and could make for a nice afternoon in the shade.

Apart from Maria’s blog, you can also follow the Miami Ford Fiesta team on Twitter. I look foward to reading about the next mission.



~ by Joel on July 7, 2009.

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