Sylvia Earle update…I am insanely jealous


Nature and I have not been getting along lately. I try to be nice to nature. I love nature and want to do things to protect her. But she just keeps spitting in my face. Allow me to explain.

First off, part of the reason for the long blog hiatus is that I spent a couple of weeks helping girlfriend after her ACL surgery. Once I break my blogging momentum I’m usually done for a while. We went skiing in beautiful Vail, Colorado for spring break. As we enjoyed the pristine snow, majestic mountains, and itty-bitty bunny tracks around the ski trails, nature said “BOOM! Take that lovers of me…torn ACL for you little lady. Enjoy that.”

Nature claimed many knees during that week, as the sidewalks and restaurants were littered with a pathetic army of invalids crutching about. Nature also felt the need to give a 10 year-old in our group snow blindness for a couple of days. Gee thanks.

It wasn’t the first time. A couple of years ago during a trip to Argentina, we were horseback riding through the fields behind an estancia. Our guide spoke to us about the ecology of the area and the history of Argentina. Then nature felt the need to speak up and said, “Hey horse…no not you, the really big one. I need you to freak out and kick the guy behind you right on the shin. I’m talking square on his shin-bone.” As they rushed me to a small farmers clinic with blood streaming down my leg, I thought simply…why?

Numerous times since then I have tried to find volunteer positions where I can offer my time to help study and protect marine animals and the ocean. I would chop fish-heads and hand-feed sharks if they wanted me to, I just wanted to get involved and have a chance to get in the water. But my efforts led me nowhere.

A while ago I wrote about Sylvia Earle’s TED Talk and her efforts to protect marine life. Part of her TED page included an open request for volunteers who wanted to help her achieve her wish: “Protect the blue heart of the planet.” I offered my services and a young, virile, bilingual advertising exec. Today I received a response from the TED team. Below I will post the E-mail in its entirety. Please read it if you want to know what sentence (in bold below) made me punch a hole through my flimsy cubicle wall. Also, there’s a link to an important survey…or something…I don’t care anymore.

Update from the TED Prize – Sylvia Earle’s Wish
“Protect the blue heart of the planet”

As our TED Prize team moves forward with fulfilling Sylvia Earle’s wish to create more global ‘hope spots’, we would like to give everyone who so generously offered their support an update.
We have partnered with the amazing team at Razorfish and the brilliant Marc Mathieu of Bedo, who are creating an oceans awareness marketing campaign to be launched next year in anticipation of the TED@Sea expedition.  The campaign will be an integrated experience that generates broader awareness of the problems plaguing our oceans and compels individuals to take appropriate actions.

Taking place between April 3- 6th, 2010, a lucky group of TEDsters will be embarking on an expedition to the Galapagos Islands for a seven day, TED conference aboard the eco-friendly Lindblad National Endeavor Ship. Streaming live for the first time, with speakers ranging from marine scientists, ocean explorers, musicians, artists and activists, and with all talks focusing on the oceans, TED@ Sea should be an unforgettable experience.

Our goal is to influence policy makers and citizens to leave this experience with the determination and action steps to fight for more marine protected areas around the world. Our additional partners who will be working to make this possible include National Geographic, IUCN, Google Earth and Deep Search.
Attached is a link to a survey on the oceans. As we move forward with creating this campaign, we are trying to get a better understanding of the public’s knowledge of the dangers facing the oceans today. Please take a minute to take the survey and help us make Sylvia Earle’s wish come true!


~ by Joel on June 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sylvia Earle update…I am insanely jealous”

  1. Joel, I hate you.

  2. Real original Adrian Ruhi of ‘Ruhi’s Rantings.’ way to come up with your own material.

  3. Huh?

  4. I hate you even more, Zisko. Who spells Zisko with a “Z” and a “K” anyway?

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