How do you say “Dammit!” in French?


Ad Age ranked this viral campaign by Mother, London as some of the best work of the week. The agency created three spoofs on popular TV shows and movies in the style of 60’s era French filmmakers for one of my favorite adult beverages, Stella Artois. Read the article by the Guardian UK for more info on frenchy film stuff I can’t pretend to know anything about. 

The funniest one was a spoof on “24” called  “24 Heures”  starring Jaques Baudeur.  Jaques action-packed day in the French Riviera is filled with croissants, smoking cigarettes on balconies, and existentialist statements like “what’s the point of saving the world?…we will all die eventually.”  I imagine this is a very accurate depiction of what being French is like.


A second film is  “Dial Hard” with a main character called Jean Meqlain. Much like the original, this “Die Hard” spoof features a villain named Simone throwing devious riddles and challenges at the protagonist via payphones. Jean, although late in arriving to the ringing payphone, still found the time to have his fine boots shined, dry his hair, and admire a fine croissant sticking out of a man’s Speedo.


The last film,  “8 Kilometres” is a tribute to the gritty underbelly of the Montecarlo poetry scene in the style of “8 Mile.” It even had  finger-snap audience applause, and invisible cigarette smoking, just like every impression of a French poet you’ve ever seen ever.

To watch all three short films go to


~ by Joel on April 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “How do you say “Dammit!” in French?”

  1. According to Google translate:

    “Merde” if it’s “damnit” in lower-case, “Putain” if it’s “Damnit” in upper-case.

  2. See?! Adrian agrees with me… Or I guess it’s just Google that agrees with me. :-\

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