Why I don’t use soap. Ever.


The BBC reports that endangered tigers recently killed three illegal loggers in the Sumatran jungle. Three loggers were killed by tigers in January as well.  The deaths mark an escalating conflict between the animals in their natural habitat and illegal deforestation for logging and palm oil.

Companies use  palm oil for many things, including soap. Unilever, the maker of Dove brand products placed a moratorium last year on the use of palm oil after the highly publicized “Dove Onslought(er)” campaign from Greenpeace. “Onslought(er)” capitalized on the fame of Dove’s “Onslought”  to demonstrate what is taking place in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

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I understand that the loggers who were killed were probably dirt poor and just as much of a victim as the tigers are, but my initial feeling is to say “screw ’em.” I usually have infinitely more sympathy for animals than I do people. I guess that’s why I could never watch Old Yeller as a kid, but laughed all the way through Titanic.




~ by Joel on February 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Why I don’t use soap. Ever.”

  1. A sign that times for the Summatrical Tiger can get worse? Some studies have shown palm oil is a reasonable replacement for trans fats in baked goods like cookies (stop eating cookies) and a potential replacement material in cement and mortar used to build houses (don’t live in a house).

    The shittiest part about it all? Oil palms aren’t even native to Asia. They originate in Africa and the America’s but since these friggen Sumatrans cant invent the Internets or the Whirlpool Stainless Steel dishwasher model: DU1055XTVS, they have to tear down thousands of acres of rain forest in order to cultivate something they can make money off of.

    Now you cant blame the poor Sumatran for going out and trying to make a living but you can blame the big companies who know exactly what they’re doing but continue despite the repercussions, in order to fatten their wallets.

    Ive never been one to go all PETA on your asses, but come on. Id much rather go on a safari than bathe.

    A taste of whats to come?
    Bengal Tiger = 4,000
    Indochinese Tiger = 1,500
    Sumatran Tiger = 500
    Siberian Tiger = 400
    South Chinese Tiger = 30
    Caspian Tiger = extinct
    Javan Tiger = extinct
    Bali Tiger = extinct

    Sumatrans = bout 45 Million. Well, minus 6 now? So to be fair its 44,999,994.

    Fuckin Tiger bastards, am I right people?

  2. […] It took a pretty kick-ass story to wake me from my month-long blogging slumber. CNN’s report about Komodo dragons going on a murderous rampage is a nice follow up to one of my last posts about tigers that rock. […]

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