My brushstroke for the day.


The six degrees of separation idea is probably more true in the blogosphere than anywhere else. Especially considering how most blogs (my own included) really just comment about other blogs and things they’ve come across on the web. For example, right now I’m forming a link between my own rookie blog and two other unrelated blogs I had no idea existed until moments ago. Allow me to explain how this came about.


My brain felt like complete mush pretty much all day. It’s been the type of day where you lose yourself in the abyss of YouTube until quittin’ time, and then you wonder where your day went. When I started blogging again last week, I told myself I would try to post at least 4-5 times a week.  I told myself there should be no excuse for not writing something today, so I continued wandering the internets in search of inspiration and content.

Browsing my Google Reader, I dropped in on PSFK, one of my daily reads, and found this post aboout SAMBA, Seth Godin’s business and entrepreneurship school experiment.  This lead me to something perfectly fitting for how I felt, a post by Ishita Gupta on SAMBA Blog. Samba’s was the first new blog I discovered.  Through an anecdote about Beethoven, Ishita eloquently explains:

“Good bloggers are good because they practice. They refine their skill and tone and do it everyday. They battle perfectionism and procrastination and just sit down and do the work. Artists and real writers do it everyday even if it’s just one line or one a stroke of the brush.”

Which made me ask myself, why do I even want to blog? Apart from the fact that I enjoy sharing my opinions on the interesting tidbits I find on the web. I also believe it will help my advertising career, both as it stands now as well as where I hope it will go (hence the diagram above). I was reminded of a post I found on Neil Perkin’s blog. Specifically, the image below and his thoughts to go with it.

“…a huge part of the richness of being on-line are the (sometimes unexpected) connections you make, and that it’s one of the real-world benefits of blogging…” fish

As I prepared this blog post I wanted to provide the image credit to Neil’s blog, and I noticed it actually came from Indexed, which is apparently a pretty popular and well established blog, only I had never heard of it. Indexed explains quirky,  real-world insights through crude graphs, a la Demetri Martin. I’m not sure who did it first.

So there you have it. After spending all day with nothing to write about, I managed to grind out a post (about what, I’m not sure) that went around in circles and eventually connected Seth Godin to Demetri Martin.


~ by Joel on February 12, 2009.

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