Only nerds can understand my joy…


Shamefully, I discovered Watchmen only after talks of making the movie first started, and I saw the title on Time Magazine’s list of the most important novels of the 20th century. Since then, the graphic novel by Alan Moore has become one of my favorite books, which is why this news via Hypebeast that Medicom Toys is releasing a Watchmen Bearbrick pack makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Sitting in my arctic tundra of an office (much like Ozymandias’ lair) I squealed with nerdy delight as I learned that the first three-pack (seen above) includes Rorschach along with Doctor Manhattan and Silk Spectre II. The second set (below) will include The Comedian, Nite Owl II and Ozymandias.


I donned a Rorschach costume for my girlfriends superhero-themed holiday part at CP+B only to discover that there was  a Rorschach already in attendence. To add insult to injury, other Rorschach out-badassed me by staying in character the whole night and refusing to remove his mask to eat, drink or breath. I came to find out that his secret was using fabric marker for the blotches on the mask rather than Sharpie, which I huffed the entire night as I grew woozy and cross-eyed.

Although I have been waiting for the Watchmen film on pins and needles as Warner Bros. and Fox went through endless rounds of legal battles over the rights to the story, I was left pretty dissapointed by the viral campaign promoting the movie. The site they put together for The New Frontiersman, the fictional newspaper from the story, is decently cool because it releases tidbits of teaser material on a daily basis that hardcore fans can appreciate. Beyond that,  Warner Bros. isn’t doing much  aside from the usual trailers and posters released online.

The campaign falls way short of what they accomplished for The Dark Knight with a mysterious website encouraging people to decipher messages and send pictures of themselves with Joker make-up. A second site had fans searching for Joker’s bowling bag in local bowling alleys, or walking into neighborhood bakeries and picking up orders placed for “Robin Banks.”

Granted, the Batman fanbase is significantly larger than Watchmen, but Warner Bros. is missing a huge opportunity to create some more positive buzz for the movie rather than the uncertainty that has surrounded it thus far.


~ by Joel on February 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Only nerds can understand my joy…”

  1. To be honest, the bear watchmen are quite pissing. Except for Rorschach who looks like a panda. I think this is stupid b/c it will get kids to want to see Watchmen, and it’s rated R, mainly for violence though, so I thinks it’s okay. But the point is, a lot of disappointed kids who won’t see Watchmen!
    ~Jamie *queen wave*

  2. They can just sneak in like I used to as a kid. But they’ll have Dr. Manhattan’s blue dangly-bits haunting their prescious little dreams for a long time.
    – J *hetero wave*..?

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