Ju Wanna Esprite, meng?


I came across this video in AdRants that has apparently been floating around the web for a little while. I’m not exactly known for being politically correct, or for that matter overly sensitive when it comes to my own race. However, the “Do You Want a Sprite” video from a company called Factorii is pretty insulting/ridiculous/completely unfunny. It attempts to parody the hilariously inconvenient communication difficulties between “pinche gringos” and their lovable fast-food workers.

First, let me be clear that the joke was funny when George Lopez first did it. Yes, I am aware of the double-standard in saying it’s OK when it comes from your own people, but that’s just the way things are. Factorii essentially stole the joke. If you’re going to be borderline racist, at least be original about it.

I’m not sure if these people are actually connected to Sprite in any way. Seems hard to believe. They might just be a startup viral agency making a lame attempt at something to add to their reel, which looks kind of sparse judging by their website. In any case, I look forward to watching them fail miserably, meng.

The video and George Lopez’s version after the jump.


~ by Joel on February 4, 2009.

One Response to “Ju Wanna Esprite, meng?”

  1. I didn’t find the video as outright offensive as you did (which is surprising), but I did find it painfully unfunny. Luckily you saved it with the George Lopez clip. Very funny.

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